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Sunday, July 02, 2006

It's the end of the world as we know it....

This article set me off this morning. The good news is that eschatological idiocy is not limited to Christianity. The bad news is that eschatological idiocy is not limited to Christianity. I view virtually all eschatology as yet another way in which we humans attempt to impose our smallness and limitedness on God's very large creation. Basically, eschatology is the belief that God operates on a human time scale. That all of history will occur in a few hundred generations of mankind. Thankfully, it is becomming ever more apparent to those who care to look that God operates on a very different time scale, like billions of years (at least). But I suppose that's kind of scary to people who like to feel that they are nearly as big and important as God, so they choose to ignore the evidence that God has so liberally sprinkled about the creation. They rely instead of the world/God view of a small tribe living in and around Israel 2000-3000 years ago (the Christians and Jews, anyway). Stikes me as an odd position to fall back to, but I suppose that's just me.

But let me critique this from closer to home. When God finished the creation (including people), Genisis 1:31 tells us God saw everything that God had made, and indeed, it was very good. Got that boys? God likes God's creation, and is probably not in any great hurry to get rid of it. The fact that many of us find it so terrible is our problem, not God's. And in any event, God has given us the tools that we need to make things better for ourselves. The fact that we generally fail to take advantage of these tools is again our problem and not God's.

It is certainly nice for us to think that rather than requiring us to toil away for a few billion years, working towards the realization of the kingdom of God, that God will just step in, snap God's fingers, and take care of the whole thing for us. (Well, to be fair, these end-of-the-world types don't think that God will do everything. God will, you know, requires us to send out a few emails with our favorite scripture verses enclosed. That God, what a taskmaster!). But isn't it maybe time, a million or so years into our history as sentient creatures, to accept as quite probable the notion that that's just not how God works?


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